Wands for Wildlife

Over the past couple of years, the Zero Waste movement has gained significant momentum. This movement grew in popularity with a simple Kickstarter campaign to develop a line of reusable straws, cleverly named FinalStraw. Since then, people have been successfully developing unique and popular solutions to reduce waste.

Preserving Notre Dame through Virtual Reality

With the cultural devastation of the fire Notre Dame being collectively processed, the global response has been surprisingly positive, with a focus on how to move forward. Beyond charitable donations for the reconstruction, a movement has been growing around the concept of how to preserve other similar sites from unforeseen destruction. Increasingly, the popular solution to preserve Notre Dame and other sites is with virtual reality.

It’s dangerous to go alone

Growing up in the 80s and 90s, the technology and the Information Super Highway that has since been integrated into our lives was sold to us with two very big promises: to empower our lives through leveraging the power of the processor and to bring people closer together. Sure, the high tech Monkey’s Paw delivered but it’s far from what we imagined.