News 19/11/12

November 12, 2019

The site-wide renovations are now complete. User wise, the biggest impact should be that pages use much less data while being more responsive.

Through the site renovation initiative, I developed a few new tools to help keep my progress on task. The first tool is an updated version of a Microsoft Project alternative I developed. The second is completely new and allows me to proactively identify, troubleshoot and manage security issues. And the third is slightly different in context: a social media analysis tracker. With my shift in focus over the last month or so pulling away my networking time, I thought it would be a good idea to monitor the impact of my LinkedIn and Instagram posts when I did have the time. Through it, I aim to be able to provide more meaningful content to the appropriate audience.

All three tools will be tuned up, turned into a blank template, and made available here in the near future.

In other news, another long standing project is almost out of the concept and testing phase. This is one I am extremely excited about. If all goes well, a full update will be ready in the coming days.

Have a great week,

– Everett

Tidbit for the day: the proposal that outlined the World Wide Web was first submitted on November 12, 1990. You can read a copy of the humble outline here. It is amazing how a few pages can change the course of the world. Thank you, Tim Berners-Lee!