My name is Everett Hubbard and I design connections.

Pyramid Interactive began as a site to showcase my work.  Through examining my portfolio more closely, I noticed a common theme emerging.  My favorite projects were the ones that helped its audience find some sort of connection - either to each other or with an idea. From games to websites to business tools, the theme was always the same. Every highlighted project throughout my career has centered around developing a connection.

The art side usually focused on instilling an emotion.  The business projects were developed around connecting with team members or clients.  While these two worlds are traditionally viewed as being separate, by drawing from my experience in both areas, the quality & impact of my work greatly benefited.

It is always amazing to find the themes that drive you.  If you're lucky, it can develop into a framework to better your life.  That's what Pyramid Interactive has become for me.  The projects and insights shared on here are a continuation of my efforts to create connections with my audience. To improve on my impact and reach, I now offer Web Design, UX Design, and Business Support services to help others do the same.  Are you interested in the next steps?

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