No more crickets

No more crickets

It has been quite some time since any meaningful update has been relayed. Pyramid Interactive has gone through a few face lifts over the past couple of years. To streamline things, there are now three segments to the site.

//contact is straight forward enough.
//complete is the home of all completed projects.
//in development is front and center, where project updates and news will be posted.

Occasionally I get asked about what’s been developing and I become simultaneously excited to divulge my latest project and guarded due to knowing how long this one will take to get it right.

I’m finally getting it right.

This long planned, top secret project is moving forward. The graphics style, the world building master plan and — most important — the heart & soul of the game have been laid out. What am I going on about? I am working on a local two player adventure game.

Going back to when I was a kid, I remember the adventures that were held in worlds of Legend of Zelda, the Illusion of Gaia, Chrono Trigger and the Final Fantasies. After beating a boss or discovering some hidden wonders, I would discuss and share moments with my brother or friends. Those experiences were great but the one thing that bothered me more over time was why couldn’t I actually go on those adventures with someone right beside me? Racing games, party games, fighting games — these all allowed for local co-op modes but what about adventure games? Instead of competing for trophies and glory, why not work together to defeat evil?

And that’s what took the longest to determine how to approach this game. How to accommodate two players and make the experience feel natural. It’s taken awhile to work that out but I’m pleased with the outcome. Over the next few days, I will post the first series of screenshots. By the end of the year, the proof of concept demo will be made available. The journey so far has been long but the adventure is just beginning.

Thank you for your support.