Hex Realms

Hex Realms

Become a Master of the Realm!

After several exhausting months of leading a caravan of tired people searching for a better life, you have finally discover the unclaimed land of your dreams.  Take a few moments to savor the natural splendor.  Now, survey the untouched Hex Realms and build the base of your new civilization.  With your capitol established, you can begin expanding your territory and increasing your population.  Decide how to best utilize each parcel of land set forth your workers to build.  Keep your options in mind, you can commission the following types of buildings:

Town    300 Gold
Farm     200 Gold
Mill       200 Gold

Keep in mind that land is limited.  Poor planning can spiral into unfortunate scenarios where you can not produce enough supplies.  If you need to earn extra gold, you can cut down trees to be processed and sold at the mills.  This is especially beneficial when you begin to establish your settlement. As you grow your population, be sure to have enough food to feed your citizens. If your supplies run short, famine will set in. If that happens, you must act quickly to save your people or else they will perish.

Success in Hex Realms leads to your citizens bestowing greater and greater honors on you.  Do you have what it takes to become the Master of the Realm?