You’re Gonna Die – Classic Edition

Alright men. The bloodshed has been going on for far too long and the last battle is finally upon us. Central Command has received our transmissions and are sending all operational units to our base. When they arrive, this war will be stopped at the source. The only problem is, the enemy knows this and is channeling everything they’ve got to here as well. And judging by the latest reports, they are going to get here first. No matter how we plan it out, they will overwhelm us. Our mission is now to take down as many of them as possible to help end this war once and for all. Chances are, well, you’re gonna die. I just wanted to add that it has been an honor serving with you.

Hex Realms

After several exhausting months of leading a caravan of tired people searching for a better life, you have finally discover the unclaimed land of your dreams. Take a few moments to savor the natural splendor. Now, survey the untouched Hex Realms and build the base of your new civilization. With your capitol established, you can begin expanding your territory and increasing your population. Decide how to best utilize each parcel of land set forth your workers to build.