UX Design

Success is determined by your users.

User Experience Design has been receiving a lot of attention. As a result, this attention has brought to light a lot of confusion. It does not have to be this way.  To clarify some of this confusion, let's start with a few key points.

The first thing to remember is all products have users. Websites have prospective customers. Managers rely on reports and KPIs. Video games tend to have a target demographic. Operators use control systems to handle their products. In short, regardless of the product, there is always a core user group.

You want to make sure these users are able to fully utilize the product.  Website visitors want to easily find items to buy.  The office depends on the metrics for informed decisions. Players want to enjoy the games they invest their time & money in.  Production workers strive to meet their targets without incidents.

Take a moment to consider potential bottlenecks that your users may face. Without a doubt, any benefit that the product offers would begin to quickly lose impact.  Furthermore, imagine what happens if the user doesn't understand your product? Certainly, any momentum or advantages you had gained would be lost. Undoubtedly worse, potential safety risks could be created.

This is where the UX Designer comes in. The UX Designer's focus is on building intuitive experiences that allow users to fully benefit from a product. Through the use of a data driven design cycle, the user experience designer is able to achieve this goal. Additionally, this process helps save time & money in the product development cycle by working to prevent excessive revisions.

UX Design services that I offer include:

  • Wireframes & Prototypes
  • User & Stakeholder Interviews
  • Competitor and Customer Analysis
  • User Stories and Personas
  • Research, Testing, and Feedback Analysis

With a background that bridges the gap between business & design, I can help ensure your product's readiness and success. Ready to explore how to improve your users' experience?

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