• Two Steps Forward, One Look Back
    During a reorganization of my file structure, I stumbled on a long forgotten folder of mashup videos that I made almost a decade ago.  Most of them were made during a break between game design […]
  • Dev Log 03/02/19
    A couple of big updates.  First, I’ve completed my Visual Punch List system to help keep everything moving along smoothly.  Coupled with my Project Master system, progress is moving along […]
  • Dev Log 02/22/19
    It’s been a bit quite on the surface but a lot has been going on behind the scenes.  Most importantly, I have restructured the majority of my resources to better improve the efficiency of both […]
  • It’s dangerous to go alone
    Something…happened.   Growing up in the 80s and 90s, the technology and the Information Super Highway that has since been integrated into our lives was sold to us with two very big promises: to […]
  • Wired for success
    I am excited to announce that the wireframe for the overworld is finally complete.  Though it has taken awhile to develop this as I have envisioned, the end result feels open and balanced. Without […]
  • The forest through the trees
    Working off the open gameplay development from the last update, I wanted to explore a few new options to further enhance the world. Starting out in the forested section, it made sense to add […]
  • Refactoring for growth
    While developing the wireframe for my little adventure game, a glaring issue began to jump out at me. With the overworld set up to be 10 layouts high and 30 layouts across, I faced a challenge that […]
  • The view from above
    Another challenge that developed with my two player adventure game is how to display the screen. Do I designate and focus on a primary player, stay centered at all times or keep the map size down to […]
  • Opening doors
    A challenge I’ve been working to overcome with this two player adventure game is how to make sure the path taken is agreed on by both players instead of one person taking the lead. Balance and […]
  • No more crickets
    It has been quite some time since any meaningful update has been relayed. Pyramid Interactive has gone through a few facelifts over the past couple of years. To streamline things, there are now three […]